Dylan & Jack ARE BACK! (Series 2: Episode 1)



London's gay late night podcast is back - This time Jack goes on a night out with Lauren Harries and Stella Meltdown, while Dylan arranged a cover shoot with Travis Alabanza.
The pair discuss being barred from the Shard, plus their lowdown on the latest gay plays, and the latest pop stars to have caught their attention.

With music by PC Music's GFOTY, St. Vincent and GrimeReaper.

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COMPLETE SERIES 1 (2013-2015)

Below are the first 17 episodes of Dylan & Jack, recorded between starting chronologically with our first ever lo-fi shaky pilot (which was way too long coming in at 40 minutes), taking you all the way through to - shall we say - our quirky year, in which we were aged and positioned perfectly to be hit by the crest of London's chemsex wave. The original plan was to record Dylan & Jack monthly, but due to work requirements and TWO fall outs.

Hidden among these episodes are various scoops and scandals from the time, plus guest appearances from the likes of Lady Lloyd, Oozing Gloop, Ronika, Jetta, Bob Henderson (FKA "Tracey Ermine") and R&B star Tanika. In some episodes neither of us have jobs so could afford to be particularly uncouth, in others the podcast was being sponsored by AussieBum and so we had a small section "AussieBum-Fun with Dylan & Jack". If you have any questions regarding these episodes, perhaps you're a social historian or work for Scotland Yard, please do get in touch.

The first ever episode of Dylan & Jack is about 15 minutes too long and we're still "finding our voice" but it contains some embryonic gems nevertheless.

Jack's favourite Episode from S1, we discuss our idea of a Lord of The Rings spinoff, a gay drama set in Rivendell. 

But Dylan came back to London and so the podcast was back to normal - slagging off Cheryl Cole and discussing underwear as the podcast picked up its first ever sponsor - AussieBum!

Episode 10 (S1) is one of our most listened to episodes, on account of us discussing a sordid celebrity sex party - whoops!

Episode 13 (S1) is all about "The Death of the Gay Scene", a reactionary episode to all the media coverage about gay bar closures in London. As usual, we had a different take on it all.

Transparency is a discussion about how sex, drugs and other common lifestyle choices should be more freely talked about and accepted in society. We think. Haven't listened to it for ages!

In S1 Episode 2 we discuss bad dates, G-A-Y Late and we hate a bit on Beyonce.

Popstar Ronika joined us for Episode 5 from S1, the cover art was taken seconds before rushing to catch the channel tunnel. 

ChemSex was becoming a bit of a thing in London and we were unwittingly at the helm! "London's Mephedrone Meltdown" became the first of several episodes in which we talked honestly about the gay London experience, for boys like us.

Episode 11 (S1) was a Halloween special and is dominated by the sepulchral voice of Oozing Gloop, a drag queen both Dylan and Jack worked hard to pedal around this time. Needless to say, he's a star now.

Gays Who Hate Gays! In this episode we discuss that despite a growing obsession with victimhood culture, gay men are possibly a gay man's worst enemy.

Gay Babies and Chem Pugs... pretty self-explanatory really. Oh and Jack goes on a nostalgic rant about how he wasn't allowed to play video games, or something.

In S1Episode 3 we join Lady Lloyd on the streets and she dishes the dirt on all sorts. 

Dylan left London for Devon (!) around about the time of Episode 6, and so after a pause, Bob Henderson (who went on to become Tracey Ermine) filled in for Dylan and popstar Jetta joined, so that the podcast could continue!

Dylan moved to Peckham and so Episode 9 is all about upholstery, bondage and Jamelia - obvs!

We noticed that London's chemsex phenomenon was, among mainy negative factors, actually triggering some pretty cool fashion trends - We coined the term #ChemFash and Episode 12 just recorded itself!

The podcast disappeared for a while as Dylan & Jack had a big fall out. In this episode they come back together as friends and discuss why they couldn't stand each other and how they can be friends again moving forwards. It's more entertaining than this drunkenly-typed description sounds.

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